III Edizione 2010
3rd Edition 2010
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2nd Edition 2007



II Edizione 2004

2nd Edition 2004
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1st Edition 2001

The right handbook addressed to the new entrepreneurships in the globalization era.

The preface of the handbook is written by the distinguished former Italian President Francesco Cossiga.
Start-up is presented by Maurizio Dallocchio.

“There are two possibilities if someone wants to start a new business, either to buy it or to establish it. In the first case, what is needed is capital while for the second option it is necessary to have ideas but sometimes it is not enough”.

In the handbook, young entrepreneurs will find the essential piece of information which is necessary not only to evaluate the entrepreneurial idea but to sort the factors out in order to put the idea into practice.

Moreover, the manual is useful to fix a more precise target concerning finance, marketing and production. Both the Author introduction and the philosophy of globalization chapter were added in the new edition. Globalization era is not a futuristic aspect anymore, it is a combination of systems and mechanisms that small and big enterprises have to take into consideration. Besides sustainable energy resources, a special chapter has been inserted in the book; it is about a widespread sort of tourism, from bed and breakfast to farm holidays. The Author describes it as the “Italian white oil”, an existing incredible network necessary to enhance our country.

Start-up is addressed to master students, entrepreneurs and professional people.






From the planning phase to the actual fulfillment level
Autorità di alta garanzia del Ponte sullo stretto proposal

Preface written by Maurizio De Tilla
The handbook is defined by its author as a ‘working tool’. It is a simple and useful manual for companies, communities and professional people.

In the book, for those who need to acquire resources, it is easy to find rules and procedures. After all, although project financing offers different applications, the reader is going to discover simple and direct economic rules as well as business law fundamental in any project financing.

It will help the reader to understand how to evaluate the resources. It is important to underline how a simple and clear language allow the person who reads to understand the subject on the whole without losing its consistency.
Project Financing is addressed to entrepreneurs, managers, technicians and public companies.